Thursday, August 7, 2014


Okay, so I have been horrible about keeping up but in July I did a wedding at the Historic Post Office here in Havre.  I've posted about it, but haven't finished the blog about it yet.  Well after that wedding, I decided to speak with the owner about hiring  For You, By Me Events to be the events manager.  Both owners (husband and wife) have full time jobs, so it was a little stressful for them to be needed for the event and needing to be at work.
Well, today we officially signed the contract!!! I'll be working on developing their marketing and helping them get all the paperwork in order that they may be missing.  Neither has worked events or owned an event space before, so I get to help set it up!! (Insert excited noises and fireworks!!) They have had a few events already, which helped them see different areas that needed to be worked on and since I was hired by the bride at their first wedding, I was able to get a little of the client insight.  I will also be taking over the scheduling of events and making sure the client has a pleasant experience.  They already have a few weddings booked!!! This doesn't mean I'll stop with event planning but it means I have a space to use but can be hired for office site events, and I'll have more of an office space to go to!! The great thing is that I can still work from home a lot so that I don't miss out on watching all the milestones with the kids.  There are still things that I need to set up and things that need to get done, but I just had to share since we officially signed the contract today!!!

For those of you not in Havre, here are the few pictures I have from the wedding to give you an idea of the space.  The decorations were the bride and groom's for the most part but it at least gives an idea of the space.  Right now, the refer to the larger space at the mail sorting room because that is what is was.  I'm not sure I like that name because I think it can be confusing for new clients.  The front space where this bride and groom held their ceremony will remain the "foyer" but any ideas on what to call/name the backroom would be welcomed. :)  Hopefully after I get some paperwork done and a few things set up, I'll be able to post more and post some better photos.  So excited!! Now off to pick up kiddos!

End of foyer...arbor was brides.

mail sorting room

Horrible Blogger, I Know

Isaac did not want Thomas to touch him.
So I'm am probably the worst blogger ever.  I have been so busy that I don't even remember the last time I posted anything.  So, let's do one of my favorite types of blogs. Did that read sarcastically?? Hope so.  Anyways, it is time to play family catch up...maybe then you'll see why I've been so busy and not doing well with keeping up the blog.

So, I haven't posted since February.  Well, after the bridal fair I had a wedding booked and lots of family adventures; some scheduled, others not.  Isaac took a while to warm up to Thomas, but when he finally did it became tough to keep them apart.

Isaac wanted to take a picture.  Selfies!
Of course, they are also boys which means that there is a lot of wrestling and pushing.  I think Isaac is going to get his butt kicked when Thomas gets a little older.

This is their version of wrestling, tickling, and hugging.
They love to play together, which is great, until they both decide to see what mom is up matter where I'm at.  Every once in while, Isaac gets tired of Thomas and doesn't want to play with him anymore.  That is when the little man gets into trouble.  He goes exploring, but before we get into that (and the nothing but photos) part of the post we'll try to piece together a timeline.

Eli awake for about 5 minutes on the first flight.
In March I took the boys to Prosser to visit.  While we were there, Amber had fun playing photographer and taking pictures of the boys.  Thomas was pretty cooperative for most of it...Isaac decided he didn't want to take photos when it was his turn. After we got back from Prosser, we repacked and took the boys on their first plane trip.  We all got to go to Mexico.  It was warm, which was a nice break and the boys had fun.  Isaac loved playing in the pool.

So Thomas looks pissed here, but we found out he didn't like
the sun in his eyes and hadn't put his glasses on yet.

Thomas was such a cool dude.  Of course now he won't leave the sunglasses on.

Isaac got to pick out and paint his own piece of pottery.

Snoozing by the pool.

On one of the flights home.

The boys did well on the flights.  They slept quite a bit and sat pretty well when they weren't sleeping.

In April we decided to take the boys to Eureka to visit relatives and spend Easter.  Isaac had fun hunting eggs and opening up his basket.  He had just started to grasp the excited phrases so every time he pulled something else out it was either, "oh wow!" or "amazing".  Thomas didn't fully understand but Isaac tried to help him out.

After Easter, things slowed down a little.  By June, Thomas was Army crawling everywhere.  He started moving pretty quickly and would follow people around pretty well.  We took the boys to Maria's wedding in Sprague, WA in towards the end of June where Isaac had fun.  He had learned that cowboys say "yeehaw" and had learned what a cowboy hat was.  When we go there, he found a little blue cowboy hat...he put it on and started saying "yeehaw."  The boys got to go with my parents and spend about 10 days in Prosser, withOUT mom and dad.  While they were gone, Eli and I painted the living room and kitchen.  After painting, I shampooed the carpet and by the time we finished with that the boys were home.

Hotel room fun
In July, I had the wedding and Jill came for the 4th of July.  We took the boys to watch the fireworks.  I think Isaac was more excited to ride in daddy's truck then to see the fireworks. Within a few weeks of being home, Thomas perfected his crawling and started pulling himself to the standing position.  He has looked like he wants to take off running after Isaac a few times, meaning that it is just a matter of time before the walking begins.  We've been taking the boys on adventures to the park, which was made a lot easier after my mom and sister visited and brought us a double stroller.  We took the boys to the train museum and Isaac has a blast looking at the model trains.
Just a cutie
End of July, the Roberts came to visit and Eli and I got to go see Jay in Shrek, the Musical.  It was great fun, even though we've been busy.
Thomas loves to be involved in everything, especially if it includes Isaac.  They both enjoyed the fairs and park adventures.  Hopefully we'll be able to squeeze in a few more adventures before it gets too cold.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll get more detailed blogs done about some of our activities and about the wedding. For now, enjoy some more pictures!!  They may be a little jumbled, having trouble getting it to let me line them neatly and not just one on a line.

Isaac had a blast on the dance floor and even
pulled others out to dance.

Leave it to Isaac to find a truck at a wedding.

Isaac got his first real big boy haircut.  Not just the cut straight across to get it out of his eyes.

Isaac's first night in his new room.  No more waking each other up.

Road trip!

Road Trip!!


Isaac loves the wooden train at the park.

New orange kitchen!

They had a long game of tag and catch.


He crawls but is unsure about the grass.

Memorial Day cookies!

Family photo at the first picnic of the year.

so quiet when sleeping...he has taken up singing, but needs voice lessons.

Cuddle time and selfies! We had to make sure Lenny and Pokey were included.

Thomas is a food lover!! We're going to go broke feeding these boys once Thomas gets more than 2 teeth.

Brother love


Just another day.

Park fun! He loves to swing.

All boys love to slide.

"New" stroller!!

with grandma at the train museum.

cooling off.

He won!

He loved the rides.

Movie time.

Shopping adventures with mom

Found You!!

Isaac's surprise artwork when he got home.